Display Tool Now Available to French-Speaking Health Care Providers

Ici on parle français aussi!

12As a health care manager and/or provider, you are committed to quality patient-centered care. You also understand that effective communication with patients is a key component of providing such care.

It is now widely recognized that providing linguistically appropriate care is highly beneficial. If you or other team members can communicate in French, let your clients / patients know by displaying a simple tool available free of charge through Réseau santé albertain. They will be very appreciative and you will both derive many benefits from doing so:

→ Greater sense of comfort;

→ Better understanding all-around;

→ Fewer medical errors;

→ Greater patient – practitioner satisfaction.

The display tool also offers tips on improving and/or promoting access to French-language services throughout your facility. To learn more, click I Want to Provide

Perhaps your organization is looking to build its French-language services capacity. Let us know by email. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you. Since our inception 10 years ago as a provincial network, we have been working to improve access to French-language health services in partnership with health care providers and the Alberta government. You can count on our support.