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Quality Health Care: Language Matters Too! Campaign

At Issue

ID_Web-01Access to French-language services is severely limited; in most areas, they are non-existent. Yet, health needs are evident in all segments of Alberta’s French-speaking population. This situation adversely affects the health of this population, the quality and effectiveness of care as well as the security of patients.

Health care professionals who speak French are few and far between. Actively engaging Francophone patients in their language is not common practice.

And Francophone patients are not in the habit of asking for French-language health services. Their expectations in this regard are quite low. Read Brief

What Can Be Done

Everyone has a role to play to improve access to French-language health services in the province: our health care system which is committed to providing patient-centered care and health care professionals looking to improve health outcomes.

Read brief and Alberta Health Services Action Plan

French-speaking patients also have a role. Speaking up is a good start. Working collaboratively with health care professionals and facilities to develop French-language services, especially in the area of primary health care, is also key.

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Learn more about the Francophone population, its health needs and the linguistic barriers in accessing health care at:

Alberta Health Services’ Patient-Centred Care Framework and Action Plan identifies Francophones as a priority population for targeted health programming.

“Alberta Health Services recognizes that within Alberta there are specific populations that have unique social, cultural and economic needs and they require targeted and customized approaches to meeting their health care needs. […] Therefore, it is imperative that our healthcare policies and strategies are targeted appropriately to address and reflect the unique needs of diverse and vulnerable populations.ˮ

Alberta Health Services
Patient-Centred Care Framework and Action Plan—An Overview Targeted Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Approaches For Diverse and Vulnerable Populations in Alberta, August 2012


►Mental Health: Everyone’s Business!

At Issue

Mental illness affects all Canadians at some time, in some way. It is estimated that 20% of people in a given community will personally experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

What You Need to Know

  • Mental illness is s a growing and serious issue.
  • One in three Canadians will experience a mental health problem at some point in their life.
  • The earlier a problem is detected and treated, the better the outcome.
  • Incomprehension and stigma are among the greatest barriers to getting help.

First Aid Mental Health Courses

Fact:  Chances are you know someone who is in distress.

You can help by becoming a first aid mental health responder. This course teaches you to:

  • Understand what mental health is, mental illness and associated problems.
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems or crisis.
  • Learn about effective interventions and treatments.

Information / Registration : 780-466-1680 ext. 216

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