New Quality Health Care:
Language Matters Too! Awareness Campaign

Early Results
New Quality Health Care: Language Matters Too! Awareness Campaign
Already Making Inroads


Provincial Government — MLA for St. Albert Marie Renaud delivered a message of support on behalf of the Minister of Alberta Health, which opens the door to increased collaboration with Réseau santé albertain and Alberta’s French-speaking population.


The Government of Alberta values its relationship with Alberta’s francophone community and welcomes opportunities like today for collaboration and open dialogue.


Bringing together key partners in the delivery of services to Albertans to share ideas and discuss how we can promote and encourage improved health outcomes can lead to solutions to improve quality of life for many Albertans.ˮ


Réseau santé albertain welcomes the opportunity for more dialogue and collaboration with ministry representatives and other elected officials, and stands ready to work in partnership with key stakeholders.


Mobilization of Community Leaders — The campaign launch mobilized over 60 community leaders from key sectors of activity around the need to work individually and collectively to address a three-pronged challenge, namely to encourage:

  • Alberta Francophones to speak up about their need for French-language health services (demonstrated evidence of patient need & demand);
  • Health care providers to engage their French-speaking patients in the French language whenever possible (active offer of health services);
  • Health care system to implement its 2012 action plan calling for targeted community and primary care programming for the Francophone population (proactive management of health needs).


By mobilizing leaders across the province, Réseau santé albertain is effectively disseminating its call to action through the various networks and channels criss-crossing Alberta’s communities. Our message is getting out far and wide to women and men, both young and old, students and teachers, patients and health care professionals, engaging people through a variety of conduits including conventional and social media, the Internet, email and other direct marketing channels.  Every newly-engaged citizen, health care provider, stakeholder and/or community means one more step forward in improving access to French-language health services for all Albertans.


Strategic Partnerships — A number of provincial organizations are already pledging their support to Réseau santé albertain, enabling us to reach out to key audiences. For instance, there is FAFA, the Federation representing Alberta’s 28,000 French-speaking citizens aged 50 and over. Connecting with this audience through radio and other channels is key given its rapidly growing health needs.

Réseau santé albertain can also count on the support of Alberta’s Fédération des conseils scolaires, which opens the door to 4 French-language school boards and 37 schools across the province.  Outreach via the French-language education network means getting the message out to 8,500 students and their families, a population group for whom health care is a priority.

Cultural communities are also on board.  Alberta’s Francophone population is rapidly diversifying. So outreach efforts will be directed at raising awareness and engaging newcomers and immigrants at major cultural events held throughout the year. — The place to go for information, tools and ideas on what to do to improve access to French-language health services. Our site now offers a more interactive experience through surveys, opinion sharing and opportunities to connect with others including searching for French-speaking health care providers. An arsenal of practical tools is available—display tools, posters, post cards and issue briefs, everything to influence public opinion and advocate for more patient-centered health care, language included, locally and beyond.