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New French-speaking Mental Health First Aiders

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Réseau santé albertain is proud to have trained 8 French-speaking Albertans in Edmonton in December 2015 and 13 more in Legal in early January 2016 as Mental Health First Aiders. The francophone population of Alberta has now access to more mental health help.. Read
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Mental Health First Aid: 13 Newly-Certified French-Speaking Responders in Fort McMurray!

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Thanks to joint efforts by Réseau santé albertain and ACFA de Wood-Buffalo, a community advocacy group, Northern Alberta now has on its frontline the first ever squad of mental health first aid responders. All 13 members are certified to provide assistance to French-speaking children, youth and other individuals affected by mental illness or in crisis. The newly-trained responders now have the knowledge and the skills to intervene and help until appropriate treatment is found, or the crisis is resolved. If you would like to learn more about what you can do to help someone you know..... Read
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Provincial campaign raising awareness of language as a critical component of quality health care

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"If our government was wondering just how important it is for Alberta’s Francophone population to have access to French-language health care, the answer was as swift as it was enthusiastic. We were surprised by the extent of the positive response received from across the province in support of French-language health services," says Dr. Denis Vincent, Chairman of the Board, Réseau santé albertain, the provincial network responsible for developing French-language health services... Read

New Quality Health Care:
Language Matters Too! Awareness Campaign

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Campaign launch by Réseau santé albertain off to a great start with a message of support from Alberta Health Minister, the mobilization of over 60 community leaders and the province-wide dissemination of a call to action across key sectors of activity inciting thousands of French-speaking Albertans, health care professionals and the health system to work together on improving access to French-language health services... Read